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My Top Merchants For ShareASale to earn high affiliate commission

My Top Merchants For ShareASale to earn high affiliate commission

My Top Merchants For ShareASale to earn high affiliate commission


BannerBuzz is a one-stop platform for all types of customizable display and advertising products so businesses can create awareness with their consumers. BannerBuzz sells over 300 different products including custom banners, signs, table display products, and marketing materials throughout the USA.


All products have customizable specifications. A customer can upload their own design, choose from multiple ready-to-use templates, or use BannerBuzz's unique design tool to create new designs. Other than this, the customer can hire a professional designer at a low cost. To go along with their best price guarantee, they also offer seasonal promotions and discounts to help convert your efforts into sales.

Banner Buzz




Binoid is your best source for the highest quality and effective products made from hemp-derived CBD & Delta 8 THC. Based in Los Angeles, California we at Binoid are dedicated to providing you with CBD & Delta 8 products you can trust, and enjoy.


Since launching in 2018, our priority was to create fun, unique, and effective Hemp-derived products. Binoid believes that Hemp cannabinoids should be a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it is in our name. Woo! Binoid's mission is to empower this movement by providing exceptional hemp products that are as enjoyable as they are good for you, with zero compromises on quality and ingredients.


3. is a leading online fashion store, offering an extensive range of high-quality and latest gorgeous Women's Clothing, charming Men's Clothing, chic Bags, stylish Shoes, exquisite Watches, fashion Jewelry and Accessories at affordable prices with Worldwide & Site-wide Free Shipping and 30 Days Unconditional Return!



Do you want to make money from your web site? offers a variety of tropical clothing and accessories with a Cuban touch, we sell the famous guayabera shirt also known as Mexican wedding shirts. These shirts are very trendy right now and people are using them for beach weddings and special events in warm tropical climate. Join our affiliate program today and start making money right away



Wicked Temptations

Sexy Lingerie, Extreme Bikinis, Wild Costumes and Much Much More

Benefits of Partnering with Wicked Temptations:

Strong brand name recognition, since 1993, both nationally and internationally - Adding Instant credibility to your promotions. 

Over 6,000 product links to choose from. 

We have products that will make you unique - We are the only site that offers our line of Wicked Original Designs.

Your promotions will be hip because we select only the best and sexiest designs from 35 top apparel manufacturers for you.

You will have a broad range of products to promote including lingerie, bikinis/swimwear, costumes, club wear, leather & vinyl, leg-wear, men's-wear and plus-size lingerie.

We will keep your customers coming back for more by adding exciting new products weekly. 

And we will send them emails weekly announcing new additions and discounts.

Of course, they will return monthly to vote in our Wicked Customer of the Month Contest.


MainMerch Inc

Wear Your Beer, SuperHero Den, Tees For All, TV Movie Depot offers the web's largest selection of beer and liquor, superhero, and tv movie brand apparel, accessories, and other merchandise. We've also added hundreds of other pop culture brands to our line up, including movies, TV shows, bands, video games, sports, retro and vintage brands, and much more.

MainMerch Inc

7. is proud to offer it's affiliates a generous 10% commission on all sales! Best of luck to everyone!



Cool-jams Sleepwear is America's Top Wicking Pajama Brand. Cool-jams is offering a 5% commission on every sale. Most sales are between $100 and $300. Cool-jams offers free shipping over $100 in the contiguous US which increases the AOV to $115. Many of our customers call Cool-jams the world's perfect pajama because our sleepwear seems to sense what the body needs. The fabric's thermal regulation properties keep the body cool and dry when it's hot and warm and cozy when the temperatures dip. Cool-jams are great solution for a better night's sleep. Because of the quick-dry feature of Cool-jams, many of our customers tell us they are also the perfect travel pajama — quick-drying, compact and lightweight. Cool-jams recently added a full line of temperature regulating bedding which has proven to be extremely popular with our Cool-jams customers. Visit Cool-jams at to learn more about our products.

cool jams


EastEssence: Kilam Inc.


EastEssence was founded in 2009 to serve the need for access to affordable modest clothing in all parts of the world. 

At EastEssence we transform modesty into simple yet high utility abaya, jilbab, and kaftan that keeps you true to yourself and reflects your values and faith through your clothing.

At East Essence, we recognize the wealth of culture and style in traditional Arabic, Pakistani, Moroccan, African, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Indian communities. We strive to bridge the gap by tying our traditions, cultures, and Islamic religion to our clothing and our community program.

EastEssence: Kilam Inc.

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