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What are the types of customers in tourism

Let's know about What are the types of customers in tourism How to get tourists and customers to travel Customer for tour related business

What are the types of customers in tourism

Let's know about What are the types of customers in tourism How to get tourists and customers to travel Customer for tour related business

How to get tourists and customers to travel ?

What are the types of customers in tourism

    Customer for tour related business:                 

    What you think, where you are going to pass your next holiday, if already already decided than you are a part of customer in this industry. Based on places, culture, socio economic condition there have so many types of persons who are going beyond of home every year only for visit purpose.

    Retail customer: Beside you who is willing to make a tour personally or with family is retail customer.

    Corporate customer: Who is willing to make a tour with colleagues or a company is willing to the same with their employee is your corporate customer.

    Types of travelers as customer:

    39 types of different customers for tourism and travel related business:


    10.(1).(1).Backpackers Travelers:

    Backpacking travel journey began in 1920. Most number of Backpacker’s are coming from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom. Visit the world on a well calculated budget, Cheap lodgings or hostels, having street foods, carrying belongings in a backpack, willing to get local life experience and most importantly self-motivated travel all are sign of backpack travels. You can follow these as backpacker strategy _Caring to health, taking favorite books, comfortable towel, selecting low count of stuff, badass sleeping bag, high facility tent, select hostels who offers free breakfasts, split costs with trusted partners.

    Backpackers travel with no real plans in mind. They usually stick to hostels and eat in restaurants for cheap prices. Backpackers tend to explore all cultures and stop when they feel like it. A backpacker spends less money because he or she doesn’t have a home base and pays for everything as they go along. This type of traveler is not too concerned about spending money on food, accommodation, transportation, or tours.

    10.(1).(2).Expedition Members:

    The adventurers. The explorers. The hikers, mountaineers, and backcountry skiers who venture into some of the most remote corners of our planet. These intrepid souls have a sense of urgency to them—they know they need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice so they may not have time for formalities such as reservations or detailed itineraries.

    A person or a group of persons traveling distant places with proper planning, specific goal or necessity, to execute of objects, to explore or research is expedition journey where no special skills or level of fitness and no age limits required. Types are_ Surveys of gravity and magnetic fields, Seismographic methods, Geologic feature mapping and detection of seepages.

    10.(1).(3).Nature Lover:

    These travelers tend to enjoy scenic vistas, hiking and wildlife. Nature lovers want to get out in nature, explore and appreciate its beauty. These travelers are not very interested in amenities, but they do need comforts like clean water and decent food. They also tend to stay with families or local homestays. All-inclusive resorts can be a good fit for nature lovers who are more interested in relaxation than convenience.

    A person flourish on spending time by observing wild lives who is fond of trees, love to hugs trees, madly love nature is a nature lover. This type of tourist is very much sensitive about their motive. While travelling sometime they fix the things which are needed for nature growth and wildlife in their sense.

    10.(1).(4).Disabled Travelers:

    People with disabilities should be prepared to research accessibility before they travel. This includes how to get around, as well as access to restaurants and restrooms. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses, including hotels and other facilities, to provide equal access for disabled patrons. Even so, it’s a good idea for disabled travelers to contact any accommodation provider beforehand for specifics on accessibility.

    If a friend or family member is traveling with a disability, consider doing some research on disabled-friendly travel destinations, so that your loved one can get around easily. There are many places to visit in every region of the world that offer disabled travel packages designed to make it easy for travelers with disabilities to enjoy their trip.

    10.(1).(5).Culture rearer:

    The culture rearer travel type is interested in exotic places and things, from learning about local cultures to experiencing nature. Culture rearers are easy to spot at a destination: You’ll see them sitting together in groups, passing around their cameras or discussing various cultural elements. To pique a culture rearer’s interest, you should highlight some of your local or national customs that might be new to travelers from abroad.

    Travel can be affected by a city’s culture. I visited San Francisco for New Years and fell in love with it, after living there for a few months I realized that culture plays a big role in how tourists visit places. There are many things to see and do, but once visiting San Francisco you soon realize that you have to walk everywhere or take public transportation because it is so expensive to rent cars or even own them.

    10.(1).(6).The Foodie:

    Foodies are primarily driven by sights and sounds, but are also interested in taste and culture. Often eager to try new things, foodies tend to venture out into off-the-beaten path areas when traveling. They’re always up for a restaurant recommendation from their hotel concierge and enjoy discovering hidden gems or finding exotic delicacies. Be prepared for a lot of time looking at menus! This is also a good type of traveler to target if you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer.

    While it’s true that popular travel destinations are teeming with restaurants and eateries, sometimes eating in can be a great experience. If you want to make sure that eating out doesn’t break your budget—or at least doesn’t require breaking into a second mortgage—ask for recommendations from other tourists. The best part of traveling is experiencing different cultures, and no culture expresses hospitality better than a restaurant that specializes in food from around the world.


    The travel photographer is a person who documents his travel experiences and typically through a camera. The result of his photographs may become souvenirs, or be used to create a travelogue (travel writing with pictures) or photographic essay (pictures with supporting text). Travel photographers also take pictures for tourist boards or ad agencies as well as magazines and newspapers.Some travelers are happy to book a hotel and then spend their days walking or exploring. The best hotels cater to all types of traveler, offering features like rooftop bars with unobstructed views, spacious open-air areas to read, or nearby walkways that take you straight into a bustling city. You might start planning your next vacation as soon as you’re dropped off at home after your last one.

    10.(1).(8).Party Lover:

    The party lover loves to travel for two main reasons: it gives him an excuse to live it up and travel, and he’s often a social creature who likes meeting new people. The thrill seeker is often employed in sales or marketing, because those industries tend to promote traveling more than other careers do. There are many types of travel for thrill seekers, such as staying at resorts and going on all-inclusive vacations where you don’t have to worry about getting lost or spending too much money.

    10.(1).(9).Travel Planner type:

    Some people want to be in total control, and that means planning out their whole trip. These types of travelers will typically use services like Expedia or Travelocity to research and book flight, accommodations, car rentals and activities on a trip-by-trip basis. You’ll need to have high self-control skills if you’re going to be a planner type because it takes a great deal of willpower not to jump on that spontaneous flight deal.

    10.(1).(10).Unplanned tour maker:

    An unplanned tour maker is a traveler who has little to no experience traveling and usually makes spontaneous decisions to travel. This type of traveler tends to buy everything at the last minute. They aren’t very experienced but are more likely to explore different cultures, take risks, and be interested in unique things. An unplanned tour maker is always on a budget and doesn’t want anything fancy but will pay for it if it means an overall good time.

    10.(1).(11).Thrill Seeker:

    The thrill seeker tends to come in with a sense of curiosity and adventure, but these travelers can make your job more challenging. Some have unrealistic expectations about travel, causing them to get frustrated when things don’t go according to plan. Other thrill seekers simply get bored easily if there isn’t enough adventure in their trip. Make sure you understand what type of traveler they are before booking their tickets; sometimes that small tweak can make all the difference between a satisfied customer and one who will never use your service again.

    10.(1).(12).Functional Traveler:

    The functional traveler makes a trip for a specific purpose, such as for business or for visiting family. They often use travel sites and search engines to find deals and create their own itinerary. These types of travelers might have their transportation arranged by someone else.

    10.(1).(13).Religious Traveler:

    Religious Traveler This type of traveler is not very common in many countries. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, no hassle vacation then you can try to cater to these travelers by offering them religious tours or vacations. You can do so by creating packages that include religious sites and activities like worshiping at temples, mosques, churches etc. To make it more interesting, you can also provide sightseeing options like visiting ancient temples or ruins and allow them to explore different cultural aspects during their trip.

    10.(1).(14).Shopping lover:

    Yes, there’s a different type of traveler out there that only has time to pack up their bags and get on a plane if they are getting to see something that can also be bought. Shopping is a lifestyle, and travelers like these know they always have a way to find what they need.

    10.(1).(15).Yearly traveler:

    Like a vacationer, these types of travelers enjoy short getaways to places within their country. However, they do not plan or save all year long in order to afford an international trip. Instead, they make weekly or monthly trips out of town and return home each time. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on airfare and hotels when they don’t have to.

    10.(1).(16).Gang bang:

    If you’re on a round-the-world trip and want to hit every country in one fell swoop, then it’s a good idea to know what type of traveler you are: Do you just want to see as much as possible or do you prefer quality over quantity? Are you looking for an adventure packed with activities or would you rather relax and experience culture at a slower pace? Are there particular places that are must-sees for your trip?

    10.(1).(17).Weekend traveler:

    According to an annual study by Sage Vacations, 36% of Americans say they will travel over a weekend in 2017, up from 27% in 2016. Weekend travelers tend to be young and affluent. They’re also more likely than other types of travelers to have kids. Many staycationers are weekend travelers as well—most cite cost savings as their top reason for staying at home instead of going abroad or taking a cruise.

    10.(1).(18).Luxury Traveler:

    A luxury traveler has it all, be it luxurious accommodations, first-class travel, or top-notch dining. Luxury travelers tend to be more educated and experience-oriented than other types of travelers; they seek high-end products and exclusive experiences. They like to reward themselves for hard work and achievement by splurging on an extravagant vacation—or a couple trips a year! It’s not uncommon for luxury travelers to make three or four long-haul trips per year.


    People who are passionate about discovering local culture and art. They enjoy museums, art galleries, street performers, historical sites and cultural celebrations. While their main focus is on looking for culture, they do want to relax a bit as well. They might want to consider staying in smaller hotels with a more intimate setting. These types of travelers can be described as experiencing an elevated level of stimulation and tend to stay away from large, commercial tourist attractions that have popular crowds around them.

    10.(1).(20).Budget base traveler:

    These types of travelers often do not mind paying extra for sightseeing. They are ready to pay anything as long as they get to see their desired tourist spot. If a hotel has free breakfast then it will be great but if that hotel has a view from its balcony then that would make them happier.

    10.(1).(21).Experience Collector:

    These are your typical vacation types. They take a yearly vacation (or two) to areas they’ve never been and like to do activities that provide a new experience, such as skydiving or scuba diving. While these are generally safe individuals, their adventurous nature sometimes puts them in danger of falling ill or getting injured during their trip. On average, however, they tend to be healthier than other traveler types.

    10.(1).(22).Tribe inventors:

    It’s often said that there are three types of travelers: those who want to check as many destinations off their bucket list as possible; those who want to learn as much about a place or culture as they can; and those who simply enjoy being on vacation. This third type is sometimes referred to as a tribe—and they tend to seek out experiences where they can immerse themselves in another world and get lost among other people like them.

    10.(1).(23).Relax Seeker:

    The Relax Seeker is one that may take a trip without much planning, not really caring where they end up. They are simply looking for a break from their daily grind. They usually come home with great memories, but aren’t likely to talk about how well-organized or budget friendly their trip was. This type of traveler tends to splurge on things like fancy hotels and meals at expensive restaurants.

    10.(1).(24).Class based traveler:

    It is determined by education, experience and social background. This type of traveler will be travelling for pleasure and holiday. Being university students, it needs a lot of money to finance their trip but they can afford whatever since they are not spending a lot on daily life expenses at home. They are knowledgeable about everything around them and do not need much assistance from tour guides or travel agencies while they travel. Their main focus is to explore different places with knowledge and understanding.

    10.(1).(25).Soul Searcher:

    They are looking for an experience or adventure that aligns with their values. You can recognize these types of travelers by paying attention to their inquiries about transportation, trip purpose, accomodations, activities and more. The soul searcher wants to know how local culture has shaped your destination, how other travelers have interacted with locals in a positive way and how they can participate as a cultural ambassador.

    10.(1).(26).Super Saver:

    This type of traveler is on a budget, and isn’t going to waste money on traveling luxuriously. They have no time to waste, are in a hurry, and if possible would get everything done under one day. If they do have time, they’ll take public transportation as opposed to paying for expensive shuttle buses or tours with tour operators. Usually don’t care about great scenery or fancy hotels/restaurants.

    10.(1).(27).City Lover:

    This traveler loves history, architecture and culture—if they’re not on Instagram, they’re probably writing a book. They often want to explore as much of a destination as possible within their short stay, are more likely to book tours and feel most comfortable in high-end accommodations. City lovers are generally less price sensitive than other types of travelers. They enjoy being close to shops and attractions and don’t mind spending time walking around a city during their trips.


    For the most part, tourists are looking for quick vacations that provide an escape from their regular lives. They have higher incomes and can afford to pay more than other types of travelers, but they’re also on a set schedule so you need to be able to accommodate them quickly. This type tends to look for entertainment-based activities like nightlife and parties.


    The most popular type of traveler out there, The Couple are typically just in their early to mid-twenties. They will want to see and do everything they can while they’re away. They tend to be adventurous and like going out, but aren’t overly rowdy (unless you count fighting over what to watch on Netflix). They are also probably not on a budget: remember that time you went abroad for that cousin’s wedding?

    10.(1).(30).Social Media & Social Engager:

    It is a traveler that likes to share and show off about his/her travel experiances through social media. This type of traveler uses most popular social media to connect with friends and family members. They have no problem sharing their trips, reviews or pictures on facebook, twitter etc...


    Why should you differentiate between different types of travelers? There are a lot of reasons. The main one is that everyone has a preference and some type may be better for a certain situation than others. A few examples: It’s been proven that romantic travelers stay longer in destinations, have more visits during their stay, and tend to visit more places in an area.

    10.(1).(32).Always in mode of Lost:

    One type of traveler is referred to as Lost. This person hasn’t planned his trip at all. The travel books just kind of ended up in his backpack and he somehow found himself flying halfway around the world with a three-day layover in a city he’s never heard of. Lost travelers are usually bad for hotels, because they tend to skip town early and take off for even more distant destinations without paying their bills first.


    These are travelers who are not legally allowed to travel alone and are with a family member or guardian. These types of travelers have different needs depending on their age. Younger children may need more adult supervision whereas older kids may require other types of activities to keep them busy. Child-friendly destinations have play areas, entertainment and places where parents can let their guard down for a few minutes.

    10.(1).(34).Business Traveler:

    A business traveler is someone who travels for either pleasure or work. Business travelers often stay in high-end hotels and travel with a lot of supplies to help them work on-the-go. They tend to be more picky about how much they spend, and are less likely to enjoy themselves than other types of travelers. However, they are still important people in tourism—they make up an estimated 60%–70% of all business tourists.

    10.(1).(35).Very Slow Traveler:

    A Very Slow Traveler is anyone who wants to travel at a very slow pace. Their vacations are less about being on vacation and more about immersing themselves in a place or culture for an extended period of time. And, although their idea of leisurely is not necessarily lounging by the pool all day long, they do enjoy traveling at a slower pace than most other types of travelers.

    10.(1).(36).Holiday Traveler:

     Tourists who travel to visit places that are historically significant, geographically beautiful, or culturally rich. These people go on vacation to see things they want to see and enjoy. They stay in a variety of accommodations depending on where they are traveling, how long they are staying, and their budget. The holidays also give rise to another type of traveler - seasonal travelers. Many businesses cater specifically to these tourists since they often bring money with them; Christmas and winter vacation being big tourist draws.

    10.(1).(37).Agey Travelers:

    The oldest travelers are those in their 80s and 90s. These age groups can be dangerous to travel with, so make sure they don’t do anything too strenuous or take any unnecessary risks. Keep them calm and quiet, especially if they’re agitated by their surroundings. The most important rule for traveling with older adults is to keep a close eye on them at all times to prevent injury.

    10.(1).(38).Long Term Travelers:

    Long-term travelers (sometimes called round-the-world travelers or RTW) can be thought of as a subset of gap year backpackers, who often spend at least six months visiting several countries and taking time to travel around. This type of traveler tends to go for longer trips and is open to exploring different cultures. For example, they might visit Asia for two weeks, then take a three week trip through Europe, before jumping down to South America for three months.


    The most delicate types of travel, pregnant women need to take precautions to ensure that they and their unborn children are safe during their trips. Luggage, flights, food, climate, and local conditions are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when traveling as a pregnant woman. Many different types of travelers may choose a pre-planned package tour specifically geared towards expecting mothers; you can read more about it here.

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