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most popular stock footage categories

most popular stock footage categories

Stock footage is a collection of video clips that are available to purchase for use in a variety of projects, such as films, commercials, television programs, news broadcasts, and other media. There are many different categories of stock footage, each containing clips of varying lengths and styles. Here is a brief overview of the most popular stock footage categories:

most popular stock footage categories

most popular stock footage categories - 46 stock footage categories

1.            Abstract

2.            Action: Sports and action clips feature dynamic footage of sports and other adrenaline-pumping activities, such as car racing, extreme sports, and water sports.

3.            Aerial Shots: Aerial footage captures the beauty of a location from above, typically taken with a drone or other aircraft. aerial views, drone footage, skylines, etc. Footage taken from a drone or other aerial vehicle.

4.            Animals and Wildlife Footage: Stock footage of animals and wildlife often feature images of various species in their natural habitats, such as birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. wildlife, pets, farm animals, etc.

5.            Animation: Footage of 3D models, motion graphics, and other animated elements.

6.            Archival: Historical and archival footage is usually vintage or black-and-white clips from past events, such as news broadcasts, political events, and historical figures.

7.            Business: Footage of corporate offices, meetings, business presentations, and more.

8.            Cities and Landmarks

9.            Cityscapes: Cityscapes capture the hustle and bustle of city life, including buildings, street scenes, and busy traffic.Footage of urban skylines, city streets, and landmarks.

10.          Clouds & Sky

11.          Corporate

12.          Drone Shots : Aerial and drone footage are shot from a high vantage point, offering a unique perspective on the world below. Popular subjects for aerial shots include cities, rivers, and other forms of scenic beauty.

13.          Education: Footage of classrooms, lectures, and other educational settings.

14.          Finance

15.          Food and Drink

16.          Historical Footage: Historical footage includes archival shots of major events, people, and places from the past.

17.          Holidays and Special Occasions

18.          Hyperlapse

19.          Industrial

20.          Landscape: Nature and landscape clips feature footage of outdoor scenes with beautiful and dramatic landscapes, such as mountains, forests, deserts, beaches, and more.

21.          Landscapes: Landscapes include footage of natural sceneries such as forests, mountains, beaches, and other outdoor settings.

22.          Lifestyle: People and lifestyle clips focus on everyday activities, such as people interacting, working, and playing. Commonly used people and lifestyle clips include footage of families, couples, groups of friends, and other activities.

23.          Motion Graphics: Motion graphics include animated graphics, text, and other digital elements.

24.          Music and Sound Effects

25.          Nature Footage: Footage of landscapes, wildlife, plants, or bodies of water.landscapes, sunsets, oceans, forests, rivers, mountains, etc.

26.          Night Shots: Night shots feature starry skies, neon cityscapes, and other nighttime scenes.

27.          Office

28.          People Footage: Footage of people in everyday situations or in controlled environments.lifestyles, emotions, interactions, etc.

29.          Sci-Fi

30.          Special Effects: Footage of explosions, fire, smoke, and other special effects.

31.          Sports Footage: Sports shots capture the action of professional and amateur athletes playing various sports. action shots, team sports, individual sports, extreme sports, etc.

32.          Technology Footage

33.          Technology: Footage of computers, gadgets, and other tech-related items. computers, robotics, futuristic scenes, etc.

34.          Time Lapse and Slow Motion: Time-lapse and slow motion clips are used to capture stunning and creative visuals, such as sunrises, sunsets, and other natural phenomena.

35.          Time Lapse Footage

36.          Time-lapse Videos: Timelapse shots compress time, showing fast-moving clouds, sunsets, and other natural phenomena.

37.          Travel/Vacation

38.          Underwater Scenes: Underwater shots capture the beauty of the ocean depths, from coral reefs to colorful fish.

39.          Urban Footage: cityscapes, street scenes, skylines, etc.

40.          Urban Landscapes

41.          Urban Scenes

42.          Vehicles and Transportation

43.          VFX: Special effects and VFX clips are used to create stunning visuals, such as explosions, lightning, smoke, and other special effects.

44.          Visual Effects

45.          Weather and Storms

46.          Wildlife: Nature and wildlife shots include animals, plants, and other elements of the natural world.

47.          4k Videos

most popular stock footage categories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


What type of stock footage sells best?

The type of stock footage that typically sells best is high-quality footage that is relevant to current trends and topics. Examples of popular stock footage include footage of current events, nature, lifestyle, and technology. Additionally, footage that is shot in 4K resolution, with high-quality audio, and professional editing will also be more likely to sell.



Which website is best for stock footage?

The best website for stock footage is Shutterstock. It is an extensive library of over 200 million royalty-free photos, videos, and illustrations from some of the world’s leading creatives. Shutterstock also offers a great selection of video clips, motion graphics, and music for all your creative projects.



How to sell B roll footage?

1. Create a portfolio of your B roll footage: Put together a portfolio of your best B roll footage, showcasing the quality of the footage and the variety of scenes you offer.


2. Promote your portfolio: Advertise your portfolio on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as specialized sites such as Vimeo or Shutterstock.


3. Reach out to potential buyers: Reach out to potential buyers with a tailored email or message, introducing yourself and your work.


4. Negotiate a licensing agreement: Negotiate the terms of the licensing agreement with the buyer. Consider factors such as the duration of the license, the price, and any other specific requirements of the buyer.


5. Finalize the sale: Once the buyer agrees to the terms of the agreement, send them the footage and finalize the sale.



How much can you make on stock video?

The amount you can make by selling stock video depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the video, the size of the audience for the video, the platform you are using to sell the video, and the price you set for the video. Generally, stock video can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars per video. To maximize profits, you should focus on creating high-quality videos, finding the right platform to market your video, and setting competitive prices.




Best Stock footage sites to sell

1. Pond5

2. Shutterstock

3. Adobe Stock

4. Dreamstime

5. iStock

6. Getty Images

7. Videoblocks

8. Storyblocks

9. Dissolve

10. Depositphotos





most popular stock footage categories




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what stock footage sells best

Stock footage that sells best generally has the following qualities:


1. High Quality: Quality is key when it comes to stock footage; the higher the quality, the more likely it is to attract buyers.


2. Emotional Impact: Images and videos that evoke strong emotional reactions tend to be more successful than those that are more neutral.


3. Relevance: Stock footage that is relevant to current trends and topics is more likely to be purchased.


4. Variety: A diverse library of stock footage will attract more buyers than a limited selection.


5. Professionalism: Professional and high-quality editing can make a big difference in the success of stock footage.




Shutterstock is a global provider of stock photography, illustrations, videos, music, and other digital assets. They offer a wide range of stock content to customers around the world. To access Shutterstock, you can visit their website at Once you are on the website, you can search for the content you need by selecting the type of content you are looking for, such as photos, vectors, and illustrations. You can also search for specific topics, keywords, or phrases. Once you find the content you need, you can purchase a license to use the content, or you can download a free sample to try before you buy.



stock footage trends 2023

2023 is still a few years away, so predicting stock footage trends is difficult. However, it is likely that stock footage will continue to become more accessible and of higher quality. It is also likely that more footage will be shot with drones, as this technology continues to develop and become more affordable. Additionally, artificial intelligence could be used to create stock footage more quickly and efficiently. Finally, the use of 360-degree cameras could become increasingly popular for stock footage.



is selling stock footage worth it

It depends. Selling stock footage can be a great way to monetize your work and make some extra money, but it may not be worth it depending on your goals and what you are looking to accomplish. Consider the time and energy required to create and submit stock footage, as well as any potential fees associated with selling it on a stock footage platform. You should also consider the potential revenue you may make from selling stock footage and if it is worth the effort. Ultimately, only you can decide if selling stock footage is worth it.


most popular stock footage categories


stock footage passive income

1. Research stock footage companies: Start by researching the different stock footage companies currently in the market. Compare their prices, availability, and quality of footage. Make sure to read reviews from other clients to get an idea of the customer service provided.


2. Create a portfolio: Once you have identified the stock footage companies you want to work with, create a portfolio of your best footage. This will help you to stand out from other stock footage creators and will help potential buyers to decide if your content is a good fit for their project.


3. Market your portfolio: Now that you have your portfolio ready, start spreading the word about it. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or create a website to showcase your work. You can also write blog posts and reach out to potential customers directly.


4. Get feedback: Once you have started marketing your portfolio, seek feedback from your customers. This will help you improve your work and stay ahead of the competition.


5. Track your sales: Keep a close eye on your sales and track your progress. This will give you an idea of how successful your passive income venture is becoming and what areas you need to focus on.



trending stock footage

1. Look for stock footage websites that specialize in trending content. Many websites, such as Shutterstock, offer a selection of trending content that is updated daily.


2. Research the most popular stock footage topics. Doing a search on Google Trends or other similar sites will show you the most popular topics that people are searching for.


3. Follow popular stock footage creators on social media. Many stock footage creators will post their latest content on their social media profiles. This is a great way to keep up with the latest trends.


4. Keep an eye out for news stories and trends that could inspire stock footage ideas. There are always new stories or trends that could be incorporated into stock footage.


5. Join stock footage forums and message boards to discuss trending topics. This is a great way to learn about new trends and get feedback from fellow stock footage creators.



top stock footage sites

1. Shutterstock

2. Pond5

3. Adobe Stock

4. Storyblocks

5. Dissolve

6. Getty Images

7. Videoblocks

8. 4KClips

9. Pexels Videos

10. Motion Elements



how much can i make selling stock footage

The amount you can make selling stock footage will vary depending on the stock footage company you work with, the quality of your footage, and how much demand there is for it. Generally, stock footage companies will offer royalties based on the number of downloads your footage receives. Some companies may also offer a flat fee for each clip you upload. Other factors that can influence how much you make include the duration of the clip, the resolution, and the type of license you offer. It may also be helpful to research the fees of different stock footage companies to compare and determine which one will provide the most lucrative option for you.




most popular stock footage categories


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